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The Beacon Low Nursing Bed

The Beacon Low bed is one of our newest and best products to date! With a unique height system the bed allows you to rise to 76cm and lower the bed to just 20cm which will be extremely beneficial to those patients who suffer from dementia or arthritis and other joint problems. Getting in and out of bed at night and in the mornings shouldn’t have to be painful or a lot of effort which is why having a nursing bed such as the beacon low means that you won’t have to worry about these things any longer.

These beds are both comfortable and made with excellent care, offering you balance and safety for a great and undisturbed night’s sleep. The beacon low bed has an electric mechanism allowing you to position the bed to fit your exact requirements, from raising the head or legs, to raising both. This also allows easy entry and exit from the bed without the awkwardness of trying to manoeuvre you into the correct position causing unnecessary strain and aches. The bed allows you to change the height and lower it to help you with getting in and out of the bed without causing any unnecessary strains or injuries.

The Beacon Low bed in particular will lower to 20cm max which is extremely low and great for those who find it really difficult to get in and out of bed in the mornings. This bed is specifically designed for home use, hospital use and care home use. The benefits are substantial and you will soon begin to notice the positive effects from getting a better night’s sleep and being able to move about without the additional help of others.