Refurbished Full Replacement Alternating Mattress

Refurbished Full Replacement Alternating Mattress
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Alternating pressure systems are often purchased and then only used for a period of time until the user is healthy enough to move back onto a normal mattress. Because of this, our engineers come across lots of unwanted alternating pressure systems which we refurbish, decontaminate and offer back to the public at a much lower cost. All mattresses undergo strict quality testing before offering for resale.

Due to the high demand of refurbished systems, we are not able to continuously update our online shop with the different makes/models of mattresses in stock. If you require more information, or a choice on the refurbished stock available, please call the PCM team today on 0800 779 778 1.

Additionally, if you have an alternating pressure system that you no longer require (working or not), the PCM team would like to discuss buying the system off yourself.



Full replacement mattress with a pump (most likely analogue). Full replacement mattresses are for users who are unable to move from their bed during the day and are spending 20+ hours on the mattress.


Care Levels  

Full replacement systems are generally: Medium to High Pressure Relief




The company reserves the right to change product specification when required.